System Metrics

In the initial version of the Oxide Rack, there is a limited set of metrics captured in the ClickHouse time-series database:

Telemetry typeAccessible byAccess method

Capacity utilization


API, Console

Disk I/O

project users

API, Console


Oxide support

Technician tools


Oxide support

Technician tools

The types of metrics and integration methods available for system integration will be substantially expanded in the future product releases.

Capacity Utilization Metrics

  • virtual_disk_space_provisioned: virtual disk space allocated to provisioned instances, including both attached and detached disks but excluding snapshots and images

  • cpus_provisioned: total number of CPU cores allocated to provisioned instances, excluding stopped instances

  • ram_provisioned: total memory allocated to provisioned instances, excluding stopped instances

Disk Metrics

  • activated: volume activation count

  • flush: flush (cache-to-disk) count

  • read: read IO ops

  • read_bytes: read bytes count

  • write: write IO ops

  • write_bytes: write bytes count

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